Coffee Shop

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Friday Cakes, St. Mike’s Cafe, Coffee Playgroup, St. Michael’s Friday Coffee Shop. We have been known by many names but have always had one goal; to be a coffee shop from the church to the local community.

We started small one Friday in September 2009. It consisted of a few mums with tiny babies and the odd passing pensioner but that was good for us. It was never a money-making operation, it was more meant as a meeting place.

As time progressed and word spread we were welcoming more and more mums on maternity leave and grannies and nannies. All coming to enjoy the space and delicious homemade cake whipped up by what seemed like magical fairies but in fact by two mums cooking in the dead of night and a retired granny exploring the wonders of Mary Berry’s cookbooks. Of course, there have been many others who have helped and contributed cakes, too many to name! But you know who you are and please accept our appreciation and warmest thanks.

Coffee Shop was somewhere with space for buggies and toys to play with. Somewhere warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Somewhere to invite your friends to meet or to meet new friends. Somewhere welcoming!

We have SO enjoyed putting on and running Coffee Shop over the past 9 years. Through pregnancies, illnesses, and goodbyes we have been there. We hope we have been a little spark of light and kindness in what can seem like a world of darkness.

Amelia Wristworth, Carol Wrist, and Kristen Smye-Runsby

Many thanks indeed to Kristen, Amelia and Carol for the wonderful way they have created and run a warm, welcoming and friendly venue for so many people to enjoy on Friday afternoons.

This article first appeared in the September edition of The Messenger

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Coffee Shop

admin/ August 17, 2017/

The Coffee Shop is open 1.30 to 4.00pm every Friday in term time. Join us in the church halls for cafetiere coffee, fresh homemade cakes, a selection of teas and some good company. Donations of cakes are always welcome. The Coffee Shop is open to everyone. There’s an area for young children to play.

To double check which dates Coffee Shop is on, check the calendar.

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