Home groups meet regularly in people’s homes to provide community, learning and prayer to complement the Sunday services and other Church meetings.

Who can belong to a home group?

Anyone can belong to a home group. They are an excellent way to get to know a smaller group of people well and to develop our Christian faith together in a more relaxed atmosphere. Groups are of mixed age and are for those who are journeying, not those who have arrived.

To find out more, ask Alex or Mike Potts (pictured here) on a Sunday or email homegroup@se3.org.uk

For Lent 2020, we’re running “Open House Groups”

It’s quite daunting to try out homegroups. That’s why we are running Open House Groups over Lent.  The rules are (a) you need only attend once, (b) you can attend any you like and (c) we’ll all be studying Luke’s account of the Passion. For further information look at the Lent Calendar, contact homegroup@se3.org.uk or speak to Alex and Mike Potts.