St Michael’s is aiming to regularly live stream services once we are back in together in the main church building. This is because many in our congregation may still feel unsafe in large groups for quite a while yet.

To do this, we use a program called OBS Studio. It’s a popular platform used by practically all YouTube livestreamers and is free to download. A quick tutorial can be found below –

Livestreaming is an extension to what we currently do on the mixing desks during services, so prior knowledge of this is key. That said, to livestream from the church, the basics steps to follow are –

  1. Ensure you have a laptop which has OBS Studio installed and is connected to a charger.
  2. Plug in the USB splitter to that laptop, which you should find nestled top left of the shelf above the sound mixer. There is another USB cable, which needs plugging into the USB slot middle right of the vertical panel, if not already – this controls the image, so is key.
  3. Turn on all the mixing desk equipment and ensure an image is showing in the ‘Preview’ window.
  4. Open OBS Studio and create a Scene by pressing ‘+’ in the bottom left of the window. You can add different Sources by using the box to the left of that. Think of a Scene as a blank canvas, and Sources as elements of your image. Sources can include –
    • Video Capture Device, with the device set as ‘USB Video’ this will input what can be seen in the ‘Preview’ screen into the laptop
    • Image Files
    • Text to overlay onto the live video
  5. Streaming requires access to the church YouTube channel. If you have this log in at and hit Create then Go Live top right of the screen.
  6. You’re able to name your stream, and set whether it’s Public. A church service should definitely be Public. On the next screen you’ll see Stream Settings as below. Copy the stream key.

7. Paste this key into OBS Settings in Stream > Stream Key. Ensure the service listed is YouTube/YouTube Gaming. This conects OBS to YouTube. Once you hit OK and the Start Streaming, you’re live!