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Timothy Ajayi – Curate

Timmy grew up in Nigeria with his parents who were both Anglicans. He is the eldest of four siblings. He was baptised by his grandfather, who was also an Anglican Vicar. At age 12, after some conversations with some schoolmates, Timmy ceased to see Christianity just as a family religion but made a personal commitment to follow the lordship of Jesus. He was later confirmed in the Anglican tradition. He became the Chapel Prefect of his school, guiding his fellow schoolmates on issues surrounding the Christian faith and encouraging tolerance of others with different religious views.
Following secondary school, Timmy studied for a degree in Industrial Chemistry. After energy research internships at a number of companies, he decided to quit Chemical Sciences and worked instead as a Marketer for a Musical Society. Timmy later gained a Master’s degree in International business & Management., and he is currently enrolled for a professional Management doctorate.
Prior to his training for Ministry at Ridley Hall, Cambridge, Timmy was a freelance ethics advisory consultant. In the course of his consultancy work, he researched and wrote on a range of corporate ethics issues and advised institutions on embedding sustainable values into their organisational framework.
Though born and brought up within the Anglican tradition, Timmy later attended Baptist and many other free churches before returning to his Anglican roots. He was a churchwarden for four years at Springfield Church Wallington, a Church of England Fresh Expression church plant.
After training at Ridley Hall, Cambridge, Timmy joined St Michaels as curate at the beginning of July. Timmy, his wife, Bukky, and their two children, Petra and Ezra, have now moved to Blackheath. The family spoke of a ‘very warm’ reception by the parish and parishioners over the summer. The warmth received from the people and the brilliant weather was a fantastic way to ease the family into the parish.
In the three months that Timmy has spent at St Michael, he has enjoyed the experience of serving under Sandy, our vicar and worshipping in a very familiar church tradition. He hopes that his learning, reflections and engagements with other church traditions and cultures will prove to be assets to his ministry at St Michael.
Timmy is still exploring the parish and engaging with parishioners in this early phase of his ministry at St Michael. He prays that his time at St Michael will be a season of God’s blessing on the church. But more importantly, he hopes that as a servant of Christ, he will be able to help spread the hope and joy that come by embracing the incarnational nature of God’s kingdom even in the face of the real challenges of our times.
It is also Timmy’s desire that together, we will see the living faith communicated to us by the Holy Spirit as a grace that cannot be limited to just the special domain of religion but must extend to all our sphere of life.

This article first appeared in the September edition of The Messenger

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