In addition to the necessary repair work to the exterior, the interior of the church building is in great need of being improved, in attractiveness and usability.

Through sensitive re-ordering and the discreet use of modern technology, the church will be suitable for a variety of events beyond regular worship services, serving both congregation and community, being accessible to all and more economic to maintain. The aims include:

  • A more welcoming approach and entrance into the church, using glass doors, integrated noticeboards and storage and an open greeting space at the west end
  • Better access and seating for those with mobility problems with a level nave floor and ramps to the chancel dais and communion rail
  • An enlarged dais allowing space for the music group in services, orchestras, choirs and drama and a secluded prayer space
  • Creative storage provision that does not detract from the architectural beauty of the church
  • Improvements to the balcony (including extending the AV system) for a growing congregation and large audiences for performances
  • Discreet, energy efficient heating and lighting
  • New mobile pulpit and font
  • Partial redecoration