The external stonework is in need of thorough repair work, some of which is urgent. In particular:

Repairs to Tower (including East window) and Spire

Missing and damaged masonry is in need of repair. Stonework around the tower’s east window is in a poor state due to historical movement following the addition of the vestry (which undercut one of the tower’s buttresses) and damage caused by iron cramps. There is no safety system on the roof to protect against falling – this should be installed to provide a safe working environment for maintenance.

General external repairs

At roof level, a number of slates are missing, stone copings, finials and pinnacles are damaged or missing and leadwork needs replacing. Within the general walling brickwork requires repair and repointing and rainwater goods need replacement. In general, plastic goods would be replaced with cast iron for longevity.

Boundary wall repairs

The boundary wall is a significant and valued feature along the footpaths of Blackheath Park and Pond Road. Weathering of the coping stones has resulted in the deterioration of the knapped flintwork on the wall below. Previous insensitive cement repointing is unsightly and could further damage the flintwork. During these earlier repairs, notable galletting in the pointing was lost.