As we journey through life there are certain special and significant times that we want to mark or celebrate with others, as well as times when we wish to commemorate loved ones.

At St Michael’s we recognise the importance of special services in helping people in the parish and the many others who attend our church to mark significant times.

Child Baptism or Thanksgiving

Two different services to celebrate the birth of a child and to welcome her or him into the Christian community.

The Church of England works on a parish basis for these services, so if you don’t live in our parish we are asked to refer you to your parish church. You can check which parish you are in on the Diocese of Southwark website.


A service where those who have already been baptised restate their baptism promises of faith in Jesus.


An important time of solemn promises as well as blessing and happiness where we celebrate God’s intention for marriage as a lasting relationship which enables husband and wife to love and support each other.

Funeral or Thanksgiving for a Life

Services that allow us to express our sense of loss, to be thankful for the person we’ve known, to say farewell and to entrust them into God’s hands.

If you would like to know more please contact Sandy Christie our vicar.